polished presentations

Polished Presentations

The three biggest fears among British adults are death, spiders and SPEAKING IN PUBLIC!

Would you like to stand up confident that your presentation or speech sounds good, look good, and engages your audience?

Would you like to feel confident delivering your speech?

Would you like to work one to one and achieve this in one and a hour hours?

PPP is for anyone who has to make a speech or give a presentation either in their working life or at a social occasion.

PPP is coached by professional theatre director Alison Clarke. Alison has a masters degree in arts education from The Central School of Speech and Drama and 20 years training experience with adults from a variety of nationalities. She has coached speakers from international companies making presentations to the city or at board level, speakers presenting complex material at conferences as well as bridegrooms and bestmen

5 Top Tips to get people of on the right foot.

Tip 1. Get the feet firmly grounded, great for focus.

Tip 2. If your mouth suddenly goes dry, bite the tip of your tongue, great to get saliva flowing

Tip 3. If in doubt, breath out - this helps maintain breath control without the risk of hyperventilation! cont'd

Tip 4. Establish contact with the audience - smile!

Tip 5. Remember, what you are saying is news to your audience, give them time, don't be afraid to pause.

Coaching lets you access the tools used in rehearsal to overcome nerves, structure your speech, explore tonality, rhythm, projection and body language and build confidence, as you bring your presentation to life and develop your personal style in a relaxed, supportive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Coaching is at a time, place and location to suit you.