diversity awareness

Diversity Awareness Workshop

A half or whole day programme to:

  • raise awareness of what may be considered to be discriminatory
  • explore the benefits of inclusion
  • consider behaviours, attitudes and values

This interactive programme uses the techniques of forum drama presentation and workshop to allow participants to work in a safe and non threatening environment. It is suitable for groups of 12 up to 120 and is designed to offer maximum participation.

The programme consists of:

  • a quiz to challenge beliefs and assumptions
  • a brief explanation of how we form beliefs
  • a professionally written and performed forum theatre presentation
  • a facilitated workshop

The workshop provides the group(s) with the opportunity to:

  • discuss and assess the behaviour of characters in the performance o
  • get under the skin of issues
  • turn what if into when and experiment with change in behaviour
  • assess the effects of change
  • share solutions and strategies and forge agreement

The benefits of interactive forum drama training:

participants emotionally log on and share the experience
participants own the outcomes of the workshop
participants are able to work in their preferred learning style e.g. auditory, visual, kinaesthetic
participants are free to select solutions which work for them
participants see themselves are part of the solution