bullying and harrassment

Bullying and Harassment Workshop

Inappropriate behaviour and/or language affects staff relations and retention, increases recruitment and training costs and necessitates disciplinary proceedings. It can also lead to unpleasant and expensive tribunal.

Our interactive programme raises awareness of these issues and has the potential to change attitudes and behaviours in a stimulating, non threatening environment. Participants identify and explore issues and behaviours and gain confidence to diffuse difficult or sensitive situations.

The programme stands alone or forms part of a change management or staff development programme. It is adaptable for specific groups of approximately 12 HR or senior management personnel or all staff members of an organisation in groups up to 120.

This is a half or whole day programme


  • an introductory activity to create a comfortable working environment
  • a focussing exercise(s) to allow everyone to consider their attitudes and perceptions
  • a professionally written and performed scene
  • an interactive workshop where participants discuss and assess the behaviour of characters
  • develop and implement strategies to change behaviour and attitude
  • assess the success or failure of their strategies and consider their impact on the characters


Participants emotionally log on, share experience and forge agreement
Participants own the outcomes from the workshop
Participants work in their preferred learning style e.g. auditory, visual, kinaesthetic
Participants are free to select solutions which work for them
Participants see themselves as part of a solution