Interactive Forum Theatre Workshop

The workshop presents and explores a range of situations and stories in a relaxed and non-threatening atmosphere using the techniques of forum theatre.

'The best thing was the style and level of involvement. The creative way in which the scenes were played made it easy to identify each situation and got you involved immediately. The scenes were extremely effective. Much better than notes or DVDs, they make a lasting impression. It was also good fun!'
Head of Data Management

The Workshop Aims

  • to increase personal effectiveness
  • to enable participants to be assertive without being aggressive
  • to enable participants to resolve conflict in a direct and honest way
  • to develop emotional intelligence


  • identifying types of behaviour
  • exploring rights and beliefs and how these impact on behaviour
  • introducing and using a six step approach to assertive communication and interaction
  • identifying and practising appropriate skills and strategies
  • sharing strategies and ideals
  • body language
  • listening skills
  • appropriate language

Participants have the opportunity to identify situations they would like to work on with colleagues.


minimum number 10 participants


half a day or one day


adequate space for participants to work in small groups during the workshop and for performance